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By M.O.N.

M.O.N. ObliviOnanisM. I: Dissolving. ISBN-13: 978-0615730929. gnOme, 2012. ninety six pp. $9.99.

A profanely mystical paintings of hyperpurple theory-porn, ObliviOnanisM is an auto-erotic highbrow fiction envisioning the phantastical never-ending odyssey of a tender girl, Gemma, whom you'll by no means know.

“ObliviOnanisM is a few lovely bizarre shit . . . Language-wise, it’s written like certainly one of Lovecraft’s myth tales, all flowery and dense, winding prose. We move deep into Gemma’s darkest wishes . . . the final tone and feeling of the textual content are equivalent elements Bataille and tale of O . . . frankly, it’s striking to me that this publication even exists.” — David height, writer of sparkling at midnight (Aqueous Books)

“The Young-Girl’s ass is enough for her to believe an incommunicable singularity . . . among the Young-Girl and the area there's a window. not anything touches the Young-Girl, and the Young-Girl touches nothing.” — Tiqqun

“So does it paintings? strangely, definite. The ‘hyperpurple’ prose remembers the nameless French erotica that used to be so ripe to pop up within the 50s, 60s, and 70s, drawing close metaphysical plateaus of the phantastique . . . This physique has organs yet they dissolve right into a gushy pool of sweat, spit, and are available, yet this doesn’t shape an abject pile of abasement, relatively it launches Gemma into the airy fluidity of the float.” — most unlikely Mike (M. Kitchell), writer of sluggish Slidings (Blue sq. Press), through HTMLGIANT

“The thought all spills from and returns to an autoerotic exam of self and physique and so a pornographically shut remark and sensation of either is far towards the center of the cause the following than whatever extra indifferent from them. That it usually issues again to, and, um, penetrates, that heart is strictly correctly. If this seems like anything you'll take pleasure in, you most likely will.” — Nate Dorr, Hyraxical Apocrypha

On bankruptcy 1, “Indescribable: “‘. . .an untellable story of infinitely intertwining strategies and photographs, a tapestry of terrifyingly successive strategies and visions . . .'” not anything is indescribable. A Molly’s MONologue from ‘Ulysses’ now 3rd individual singular inside of Gemma’s auto-erotic imaginarium . . . it is a wild prose free-flowing explosion that jogs my memory of the sooner paintings of James Havoc in production Press and the bukkake of Mike Philbin / Hertzan Chimera. . . . the following we now not care (explicitly) and we discover ourselves respiring only for the sake of inhaling a spot correctly again the place we have been yet have forgotten we have been earlier than commencing to learn those sinuosities of MONstrance. Indescribabble.” — D. F. Lewis, on Transactions of the Flesh

“It strives to seize occult psychosexual epiphanies, occasionally succeeding and infrequently failing hilariously — usually in the similar sentence.” — Alex Sarll

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The disrobing began with her breasts, where a vague electric pulse suffused her stiffening nipples and felt the need to be released like a sparking pink current into the open air. Sensing their fatal perspectival symmetry, as if subtle thread had spiraled itself tightly around the points of her titties and was now pulling on both from an untouchable vanishing point, Gemma eased her bodyweight evenly between her ankles, supporting herself in a splayed Japanese or seiza-style sitting posture. The 23 OBLIVIONANISM shift from side to center had a double and contradictory effect on the dense nexus of her moist groin, opening it to the airspace flowing between her legs and around the small of her back as well as constricting her cunt tighter in the underwear stretched gently across her bottom just below the top of its cleft.

Hypnotizer and hypnotized anarchically interchanged roles. Gemma’s mind froze in infernal bliss before the twisted fate of being forever her own secret auto-whore. 45 Lost The objectless look of concern starting to overcome Gemma’s expression spoke perfectly of her predicament. The more she saw her beauty into the thing dilating her bottom, the more the thing itself disappeared into being whatever she wanted it to be—with emphasis on whatever, in order to register the infinite multiplication of real fantasy the experience was initiating her into.

What about the object ‘itself’? Answer: that is precisely what was never quite there. Nevertheless, something did happen to it. What begs to be figured out is how happening at once inhabits and transcends the distinction between it and itself, and correlatively, how an event may essentially affect a thing, indeed alter it to its very core, without concerning or even causally requiring there to be an in-itself at all. And that in fact is exactly what touching is, the dilatory event or expanding arrival of what always and only is between a thing and itself.

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