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By Cornelis C. Berg

This name is monograph eighty three within the plants Neotropica sequence. during this monograph, Berg provides revised remedies of 9 genera-Bagassa, Batocarpus, Clarisia, Dorstenia, Maclura, Morus, Poulsenia, Sorocea, and Trophis-containing seventy seven species. 8 new species and new subspecies have been found for those genera through the training of this monograph. This crew of genera is very various, containing many frequent and/or universal species for which quite a few collections were tested and indexed. The relatives advent contains taxonomic heritage, morphology, pollination and dispersal, distribution and ecology, class, diversification, use, and conservation, and is supplemented with short introductions to the tribe Ficeae and the genus Ficus. For the genera taken care of in vegetation Neotropica No. 7, the additions and corrections contain: revised descriptions of numerous species and subspecies, a few as a result of fusion of species formerly famous as precise; diversity extensions; new mixtures; remedies of recent taxa; supplemental reviews; and revised keys to numerous genera.

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0. Williams et al. 27620 (BM, F, GH, NY, the separationof Trophismexicana and T chiapensis, US); CerroEl Picacho, Finca SantaMariade Ostuma, as proposedby Burger (1962). 1500 m, 11 Feb 1965 (e), L. 0. Williamset al. 29170 (F, In CentralAmerica Trophismexicana can usually GH, NY, US). ZELAYA: CerroEl Hormiguero,18 Apr be distinguishedfrom T racemosa by the smooth and 1979 (9 fl-fr), Grijalva441 (MO);CerroSaslaya,1100 often almost glabrous leaf surface, or elsewhere and m, 3 May 1978 (? fl-fr),Neill 3823 (BG,MO);CerroLa otherwiseby theusuallydentateleafmargin,by themore Pimienta,900-1180 m, 16 Mar 1980 (?

7 cm, densely white to yellowish-puberulous. Distribution(see Fig. 1). In southernMexico and Guatemala;in cloud forest;at 1650 m to ca. 2600 m. Specimens examined. MEXICO. CHIAPAS: Mun. La Independencia, rd. Las Margaritas-Campo Alegre, 2300 m, 18 Feb 1973 (d'), Breedlove 33660 (CAS, LL, MO); Mun. Villa Corzo, Cerro Tres Picos, 2100-2500 m, 23 Mar 1973 (di), Breedlove 34379 (LL, MO); Mun. Union Juarez, Volcan Tacana, above Talquian, 2200 m, 13 Dec 1976 (V fr), Breedlove 42530 (MO); Mun. Siltepec, above Siltepec, 2000-2400 m, 1 Feb 1982 (d), Breedlove et aL 58326 (CAS);Mun.

3 Trophischiapensis Brandegee, Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 6: 178. 1915; Burger, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 49: 16, t. 3. 1962. Type. Mexico. Chiapas: Cerro Boquer6n, Sep 1913 (? fr), Purpus 7091 (holotype UC, not seen; isotypes, F, MO, US). Trophis chorizantha Standley, Publ. Field Mus. Nat. , Bot. Ser. 4: 302. 1929. Type. Honduras. Atlantida:nr. Tela, 6 Dec 1927-20 Mar 1928 (? flfr), Standley 56771 (holotype, F; isotypes, G, US). Skutchia caudata Pax & K. Hoffmann ex C. Morton, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 27: 302.

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