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By Emmanuil G. Sinaiski, Moritz Braun

Written by way of an skilled writer with a robust history in functions of this box, this monograph offers a accomplished and targeted account of the idea in the back of hydromechanics. He contains a number of appendices with mathematical instruments, sponsored by means of wide illustrations. the result's essential for all these wanting to use the tools of their learn, be it in or academia.

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We now consider the displacement of a deforming body. We also assume that the transformations in this case are bijective, continuous and differentiable. We further consider an infinitesimal neighborhood of the continuum point M. At time t0 , we denote the basis vectors of the Lagrangian system of coordinates in M by ε 00ı i and at time t as εO 00i . The positions of all points in the neighborhood of the point M at the i O 00 times t0 and t are denoted by the vectors d r 0 D d ξ i ε 00ı i and d r D d ξ ε i .

Since these are different in the points B and C, the coordinates of A change and the derivatives of its components do not vanish. Therefore, we have for a curvilinear system of coordinates: @W @ε k @W k D εk C W k i . 9 System of polar coordinates in the plane. 47) j with the Christoffel symbol of the second kind Γk i , and @W D @ξ i @W k C W j Γ jki @ξ i ! ε k D ri W k ε k . 48) Here, the covariant derivative of the contravariant components of the vector W is denoted by r i W k . The properties of the Christoffel symbol of the second kind and of the covariant derivative are discussed in Appendix A.

Such a time is referred to as absolute time. Normally, continuum mechanics investigates the dynamics of the continuum in Euclidean space, that is, continuum mechanics is based on Newtonian mechanics. However, in some cases, it is necessary to use the methods on non-Euclidean geometry and the theory of relativity, for example, when investigating the movement and deformation of boundary between different phases of a medium and also when considering the movements of objects in outer space at very high velocity.

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