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After all, if you’re going to grow them you need to know how to find them and that means you’re going to need to know the names that everyone knows them by. You’ll also need to know why they are good choices to grow in your garden. The Black Krim is an indeterminate plant and it is considered a Russian heirloom. It grows to be approximately 12 ounces and is generally a dark reddish-brown both inside and out. The hotter the weather the darker the fruit will be. These will also be fully mature in only 80 days.

You’ll want to put in a small hole at put the plants into the container. Make sure that you cover the roots and the plant all the way to the bottom of the cotyledon leaves. Over time the plants will develop stronger roots and will get better. Make sure your plants get watered properly. You want to keep the plants between 65 and 70 degrees until it gets to be spring. MOVING OUT OF DOORS After the frost you will be ready to move your tomato plants outside. They will have grown quite well by this time and will likely be surprisingly large considering how short of a time they have been growing and how you started with only a small seed.

If you don’t need quite that much fertilizer (and most people won’t) then you can use three to four tablespoons of fertilizer in a single gallon of water. If you talk to a lot of gardeners however, you’ll learn that most of them recommend purchasing your starter solution from a commercial brand. This is because the commercial mix contains high amounts of phosphorus which are beneficial to growing plants and can’t be found in the general mix that you create for yourself. Keep in mind, when you’re starting out your plants, you never want to use more than one cup of your fertilizing solution for each plant.

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