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By David A. Grandy

Most folks have heard approximately quantum physics and its extraordinary, practically strange claims. and most of the people could suppose that quantum truth describes a global fairly varied from ours. during this booklet, David A. Grandy indicates that you will discover quantum puzzles, or adaptations thereof, within the yard of daily event. What disappears in shifting quantum concept to the typical is the theory's mathematical formalism, yet that needn't suggest a lack of analytic rigor. If quantum truth is actually as elemental and ubiquitous as many thinkers recommend, then replacement or complementary views should be attainable, and with the proliferation of such views, a extra absolutely rounded realizing of quantum fact -- and daily fact -- may emerge. daily Quantum fact is a step in that course.

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Of course, since this is a thought experiment, we may imagine ourselves executing an instantaneous measurement and thereby come away with a single value. But now Zeno can counter that if such measurements are possible, how do instantaneous moments—temporally unextended moments—pile up temporally? Moreover, supposing instantaneous measurements were somehow possible, could we really come away with a precise position value? All measurements of physical objects, even of stationary objects, involve approximation, however small.

Saying unmeasured particles are wave-like is just another way of stating Bohr’s hypothesis that until particles are measured, they lack precise position and momentum values. With respect to these properties (position and momentum), unmeasured particles are probabilistic entities. Let us look at the position of an unmeasured particle. 1 shows the probability of finding a particle within a particular swath of space-time. The middle peak, corresponding to B and distinguished by its superior height, is a place of maximal constructive interference and, by implication, a place where we would be very likely to find particles should we look for them.

Even today the tendency is to express surprise that entities like electrons and photons, routinely described along atomistic lines, should exhibit wave-like or continuous properties—as if this were at odds with the clear and distinct ideas we have about the world. Thereby a wedge is driven between everyday experience and quantum reality when in fact there is no wedge. The real problem lies in those ideas which are muddled rather than clear and which continue to colonize our thinking even after they have been rendered philosophically and scientifically suspect.

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