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By Hans A. Krebs, H.L. Kornberg, K. Burton

This survey was once written on the invitation of the Editors of the "Ergebnisse der Physiologie". Its objective is to give the newer development within the understand­ ledge of organic strength alterations. because it used to be meant for a evaluation magazine, the reader used to be taken to be conversant in the basics of present biochemistry, as defined within the general textbooks. It used to be no longer the article to bring together an intensive choice of proof. The survey is proscribed to features of wider curiosity, and the most emphasis has been at the basic unifying rules which emerge from the good mass of unique ob­ servations. the object is reprinted within the wish that it can be worthwhile during this shape to complex scholars and study staff in biochemistry and comparable matters. H. A. KREBS H. L. KORNBERG 2 desk of Contents web page 1. the most important place of Adenosine Triphosphate . . . 213 2. the 3 levels of nutrition Degradation. . . . 213 three. The Energy-Yielding Steps of middleman Metabolism 215 four. The Build-up of Phosphate Bond power ..... 221 five. replacement Pathways of Anaerobic Fermentation in Micro-organisms. 227 6. replacement Pathways of Glucose Oxidation . 237 7. the trail of Carbon in Photosynthesis . . . 243 eight. usage of strength for Chemical Syntheses 249 nine. regulate of Energy-Supplying methods . . . 262 10. a distinct function of ATP as an strength shop. 271 eleven. Evolution of power remodeling Mechanisms 273 Appendix by way of ok. BURTON loose strength info of organic curiosity 27S References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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