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By David E. L. Janssens (auth.)

Looks at examples of the design-build agreement in operation to illustrate its utilization and structure. The BBC Headquarters is one instance the place the agreement avoided fee escalation, hold up and loss and cost via the contractor with none detriment to the architectural freedom of design.

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I) date(s) for possession and completion (ii) schedule of drawings and details, etc. which the Contractor is to provide to the Client's Representative (for sanction) giving planned dates for the issue of each. The Client will normally specify the dates in (i), and the Contractor will produce the schedule in (ii). BPF/ACA Schedule of Activities The BPF Manual gives guidance on the make-up of the Schedule of Activities, suggesting that the following information should be given for each activity: 24 Basic Concepts (i) Activity description (ii) Quantity (iii) Resources (iv) Start time (week number) (v) Duration (vi) Price The Schedule of Activities is to be prepared by the Contractor.

Variations- JCT 1981 Form Clause 13 of the JCT 1981 Form states, in effect, that the Contract Sum shall not be adjusted or altered, except in accordance with the provisions of the Contract. It does not summarise the relevant clauses, which would have made the interpretation of the clause more convenient. 1. 3. 2. 2. 3. 3. 2. 3. 1. 2. 4. 5. 7. 2. 3. 2. (iv) Losses in connection with war or hostilities; Clauses 32 & 33. (v) Losses arising from the discovery of antiquities; Clause 34. (vi) Fluctuations, if applicable; Clauses 36-38.

The employer would have the opportunity to inspect the quotations, and they would be the basis of the price for those elements of the contract sum. (iv) Agreement that the contractor will declare the detailed build-up of preliminary items. (v) Agreement between the parties upon the formula for calculating the fees and profit levels. This would often be expressed as an agreed percentage of the contract sum, or as a lump sum calculated at a percentage of the original budget cost. (vi) The appointment of the contractor at the outset by way of a 'letter of intent' which instructs the contractor to proceed, and includes the conditions to apply in respect of fees payable should the project be halted, or if for any other reason the contractor's appointment is terminated, through his fault, or otherwise.

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