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By Juanita Coulson

Ballantine Del Rey, paperback unique novel. one in every of printings (1980, 1984). This myth novel is a stand-alone sequel to "The internet of Wizardry" (1978). jointly those books are the "Krantin" novels.

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Erejzan moved to his right, clear of the sword, should Tyrus need to draw the blade. Together they surveyed the frenzied scene. A motge carcass, probably stolen from some, local butcher, roasted on a great spit over an open hearth. Smoke snaked across the cobwebbed ceiling and the splintery walls, sifting through the numerous cracks. Not all the fumes could escape, however, and the room was thick with haze and the odor of seared meat. Pots of burning fish-oil provided extra illumination— and smoke.

Survival was the only thing that mattered, here. Tyrus scrambled to his feet and dashed back under the magic light. Its brilliance was waning but the magic glow still gave him sufficient illumination, and befuddled his foes. " he yelled. " "He… he is no charm-weaver! He is a sorkra! " someone cried in shocked realization. " "Atara? " they called for their fellow assassins, receiving no replies. " Tyrus taunted them. " Then a great furry shape dove past him and pounced on the foremost of the frightened murderers facing Tyrus.

While the illusions had been before them, they had been genuinely afraid. When those were whisked out of sight and sound, merriment ruled. To Tyrus' dismay, Jathelle and her court regarded the frightful apparitions as part of the evening's entertainment, no more. " Jathelle exclaimed, to a chorus of assent. " Tyrus wanted desperately to contradict her and say that the illusions warned of real danger. But he could not. His ruse had been too successful, as was his chosen disguise. He was trapped, with no easy way out.

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