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By Dietmar Suss

The German 'Blitz' that the conflict of england killed tens of millions and laid waste to massive components of many British towns. And even supposing the destruction of 1940-1 used to be by no means repeated at the similar scale, fears that Hitler possessed a mystery weapon of mass destruction by no means solely died, and have been in part learned within the VI and V2 raids of 1944-5. The British and American reaction to the 'Blitz', in particular from 1943 onwards, used to be big and incomparably extra devastating - with apocalyptic effects for German towns resembling Hamburg, Dresden, and Berlin, to call however the so much prominent.

In this ground-breaking new e-book, German historian Dietmar Suss investigates the results of the bombing on either Britain and Nazi Germany, exhibiting how those very varied societies sought to resist the onslaught and sustain morale amidst the cloth devastation and mental trauma that was once visited upon them. And, as he displays within the end, this isn't a narrative that's effectively constrained to the previous: the controversy over the rights and the wrongs of the mass bombing of British and German towns in the course of international battle II is still a hugely emotional topic even today.

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The arguments surrounding the legitimacy of the air war and Churchill himself as an alleged ‘war criminal’ produced a fair amount of intemperate comment and since then the German extreme Right in particular has repeatedly referred in emotive terms to the ‘Allied bombing holocaust’ and attempted to mobilize its supporters on the anniversaries of the bombing raids. This still goes on and thus the history presented in this book is one with an open ending. The controversy regarding the ‘taboo’ subject of the air war and the legitimacy of Allied tactics did not, however, come from nowhere but was rather connected to a boom in literature about the air war, which from the mid-1990s onwards gave increasing prominence to the perspective of the victims and to the ‘history of German suffering’ in the Second World War.

Aircraft opened up new opportunities for destruction and new forms of killing. At the beginning of the First World War the limited technology meant that bombing was very largely a hit-and-miss affair. By the Second World War that had changed: cities and their inhabitants were the targets of carpet bombings and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians were factored in. This book deals with the consequences of these attacks, the morale demonstrated in the communities being bombed in Britain and Germany, and their attitudes to these events since 1945.

While this method is a product of the documentation and the type of sources that are available, there is another important reason for it. In the final analysis my aim cannot be to trace in detail every variation in organizational structures and every issue arising from differences in the specific urban and religious environments. The comparative method requires systematization. In the case of Germany the regions selected for study follow the course of the bombing. Cities in the west and north of the Reich that were bombed early and over a long period are investigated, as well as cities in the south that were not attacked until the second half of the war and thus able to take advantage of the fund of knowledge and experience gained in other regions.

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