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By Tom Deitz

Publish yr note: First released in 1989
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There are circles inside circles, lands of magic and beauty that comment on our personal. yet now warfare is at the horizon within the mystical realm of the Sidhe—a brutal conflict of Faery opposed to Faery that threatens to pass mystery obstacles into the unsuspecting global of mortal men.

Once extra younger David Sullivan has been known as upon to do the bidding of Lugh Samildinach, Lord of Tir-Nan-Og. including 3 friends—one white, one crimson, and one immortal—David embarks on an surprising trip via a dangerous state of brittle brightness. yet grim betrayal lies within the course in their quest for peace within the Otherworlds. And an inescapable doom within the terrifying judgment of Uktena, the good and hideous serpent....

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Calvin joined him, and together they got the bag rolled. They had just started out when the Indian paused yet again. “Ho! ” David’s heart sank. Calvin had found it—the one thing he really should have hidden—and would have by the time the company arrived tomorrow. It sat on the small bookcase behind the door and was normally obscured when it was open. But apparently Calvin had the proverbial eagle eyes and spied out every cranny. Reluctantly David closed the door and allowed his companion a clearer view.

Calvin squinted again, then blinked, as if he were having trouble with his eyes. ” He paused for a thoughtful moment. “But if either of you fellows know where I could get a hot one, I’d be mighty grateful. And maybe point me to a laundry? That’d be real good. ’” “You can come down to my house,” David volunteered before he had truly thought it through, and could have kicked himself. It was not that he distrusted or disliked the boy. Indeed, given that they’d known each other rather less than five minutes, it was remarkable how comfortable he felt with him already—like an old friend newly returned.

Big Billy, he supposed, was off fooling around with the cows or some such; it was that time of day. And David probably was too, if he was back. The daily milking was officially one of his chores, though one he loathed and frequently evaded. Even Little Billy was absent, though he could hear the closing theme from “The Real Ghostbusters” thumping along in the adjoining den. Uncle Dale, he imagined, was home sparking. ” Alec ventured, wrinkling his nose appreciatively at the scent of pork chops frying.

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