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By Daniel F. Galouye

The survivors reside underground, as faraway from the unique global as attainable and guarded from the final word evil, Radiation. Then bad monsters, who convey with them a screaming silence, are visible and other people begin to disappear. One younger guy realises he needs to query the character of Darkness itself.

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Jared nodded, not particularly caring whether the Wheel heard. Anselm mumbled some more and said, "Unification! " "I haven't heard the runner. " Jared slumped on the bench, his body boiling like a turbulent spring. The runner had already left but hadn't reached the Lower Level. And they hadn't passed him on the way up. Only ominous significance could be attached to the fact that several members of the Official Escort-- those with clear noses, at least--had told of smelling the lingering scent of the monster in the passageway.

The Protectors stationed at the mouth of the passageway were in a state of agitated disorder. "Monster! " someone over there was shouting. Then Jared checked his charge as the entire tunnel abruptly began roaring with the soundless noise of the monsters. The sensations he received were like Effective Excitation amplified a thousandfold. But now there were no fuzzy half rings of inaudible sound touching his eyeballs, as in the Optic Nerve Ceremony. Instead, the screaming silence was like a detached, impersonal thing--something associated not with any part of himself, but rather with the mouth of the tunnel!

He remained in that position for several hundred beats before he heard all Radiation breaking loose above. Until then there had been only the normal sounds of a world lying dormant in midslumber, with an occasional outburst of coughs ruffling the relative quiet. Then everything seemed to boil over into a great excitement and confusion as one of the Protectors sounded the fearful warning, "Monsters! " Hoarse shouts, screams, and the audible agitation of people scurrying frenziedly about poured down the Pit.

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