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A dinosaur living in scrubland, such as Velociraptor, may have been any one of a variety of colors. Tiger stripes Velociraptor Green and lizardlike Long wing feathers typical of flying birds Spotty skin pattern 49 End of an era What killed the dinosaurs? Who was top predator after T. rex? Which animals are as old as dinosaurs? Are birds related to dinosaurs? 52 54 56 58 What killed the dinosaurs? Some 65 million years ago, a catastrophic event occurred that wiped out more than half of all life on Earth, including the dinosaurs.

Its body was covered in heavy hexagonal plates, like a modern turtle. Q Who had bulletproof skin? A Recent research has shown that the skin on the backs and tails of some of the ankylosaurs was virtually bullet-proof— and certainly tooth-proof. The big scutes, smaller irregular plates, and the hexagonal plates interlocked to make the skin so tough and light that experts have likened it to fiberglass. relied on their size to defend themselves, some of them were lightly armored, too. Saltasaurus had two types of armor.

42 44 46 48 How did plant-eaters fight back? Pointed scutes (bony plates) ran in rows To defend themselves against predators, the different plant-eating dinosaurs developed an impressive armory of weapons. The ankylosaur Euoplocephalus had a ball of thickened bone at the end of its tail, which it could swing at attackers. The stegosaurs had tails studded with daggerlike spikes for stabbing attackers, while the sauropods’ size was their main defense. Some dinosaurs had features that puzzle paleontologists, because it is unclear whether they were weapons or merely tools for feeding.

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