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By Russell Keat

In Cultural associations and the boundaries of the marketplace, Russell Keat offers a theoretical problem to fresh extensions of the marketplace area and the advent of commercially modeled kinds of corporations in parts corresponding to broadcasting, the humanities, and educational study. Drawing on Walzer's pluralistic belief of social items and MacIntyre's account of social practices, he argues that cultural actions of this type, and the associations in which they're carried out, can most sensible make distinct contributions to human health whilst shielded from the harmful results of an unbounded marketplace.

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Sago丘 1988 , p. 44) However, even if most consumers would agree that these particular are trivial , it does not follow that they think likewise about the overall value both 扭曲 em, and to others , of living in a society in which , through 也已 choices provided by a market economy, so much is made available to themselves and to 0也 ers as consumers. ques位ons 1 64 Keeping tlze Market at Bay of a sh位ed value of consumption of nature in the relevant local culture poses certain diffiαlties for Sagoff' s recourse to shared values as the basis for environmental policy, for (at least in concrete, prac位cal terms) 也ere are likely to be considerable tensions or conflicts between these n布O values: the various policies and institutional designs that rnight be most effective in realizing one of 也 em may well have negative consequences when judged by reference to the other.

Yet ar學lably in reality 由 is is inde巴d their greatest ally: 由 e most powerful 討ansgressor of boundaries , the most active dissolver of meanings, the most radical challenger of social authority戶 It is for such reasons that conservatives have always viewed the effects of the unbridled market with such concern. 2 T站凶s eco ∞ O∞m 甜is仗tic 呻 a ppr 仰 E叩 臼 O achd 由 oe 凹s no 仗t consist of ∞ c ons匈nm 呵 such mat仗ter臼s 切 t o the 'decisions' made by an un 肘re呵 gu 吋la 泣ted market 巴C∞ onomγy. Rather , it is espoused by those who recognize 也e frequent 扭曲ilit于 of ma由ts to generate the '向ht' decisions about the environme缸, but who none the less wish to deal with them by applyi峙, in a suitably extended form , the conceptual framework of neo-classical economic 也eory to si站在tions where the market itself fails to operate satisfactorily.

By contrast with this straightforward case, there may also, or instead, be people who attribut巴 value to unpolluted river water: for instanc巴, to the aesthetic qualities of sparkling s位 eams or their ability to support various species of fish or plant-life. They may also regard such pollution as a desecration of nature , as something that it is inherently wrong or bad to allow; and so on. What Sagoff rejects is the attempt to conceptualize this latter case in 也 e same manner as the former one: that is , to regard these moral or aesthetic objec位ons to pollution as constituting just another kind of external cost that can and should enter a cost帽benefit analysis in the same way 由 at external costs are dealt with in the form位 case.

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