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And then, all life on Earth will be destroyed, as it was on Venus, and nothing will exist on all the planet but bright flowers and the ruins of cities. I must warn them to destroy the blossoms now, before they pollinate. . The mists were very thick now. The Beast shuddered convulsively, and lay still. It was dead. On a rooftop, a man and a woman watched from the distance. The man said: "God, what a horrible thing! " He shuddered and glanced away. The white-faced woman nodded. "It's hard to believe the world can hold so much horror, and yet can give us anything as beautiful as this.

The thing did not mind. It held her as she was, and watched. When it had learned all it could from this phenomenon, it dropped her jarringly, and looked around the half-cave, ignoring the stunned and huddled Babe. It reached over and picked up the leather briefcase and tore it twice across as if it were tissue. It saw the sandwich Babe had left, picked it up, crushed it, dropped it. Babe opened her eyes, saw that she was free, and just as the thing turned back to her she dived between its legs and out in the shallow pool in front of the rock, paddled across and hit the other bank screaming.

The cat's mouth was closed. He was vibrating like a lawn mower again, purring softly. Freddie looked at the doctor. " "Somebody just said, 'Lousy job," said the doctor. "I thought it was your cat. I must be losing my mind. " She looked to be in shock. " "No. " Still in a daze, she went over to the cat and stroked him on the head. Then she bent down and whispered something in his ear. "Just haven't got the knack," said Gilgamesh. " He smiled, closed his eyes, and fell asleep. But there was no doubt that it was he who had spoken.

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