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Pursuing new principles is obviously the right way to achieve company virtue within the new millennium. yet it isn't adequate to easily chase after rules that experience already occurred. to really gain, contributors and companies need to foster the recent artistic impulses round them. "Coolfarming" indicates readers how they, like bee keepers, can nurture interesting tendencies and unharness their artistic swarm's output of 'next mammoth ideas.' This publication gains genuine lifestyles examples from Linux to Twilight, from Procter & Gamble to Apple. those that are looking to remain prior to the curve and experience a wave of revenue have to how one can locate, boost, and popularize the traits of the following day. "Coolfarming" is the reply.

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The question now is: What do these basic insights in swarm creativity mean for coolfarmers? To take a first deep-dive into the inner workings of creative swarms, let’s leave the human coolfarmers for a moment and look again at the bees, those intrinsically motivated coolfarmers in the animal kingdom. Lessons from the Beehive Swarms of bees are unbelievably successful at coolhunting and coolfarming. A bee hunting for honey is like a human coolhunter. While the human coolhunter is hunting for the latest cool trends, the bee coolhunter is hunting for honey.

Table 1–2 chronicles the four steps—“creator-COIN-CLNCIN”—for both the creation of the World Wide Web and the creation of Linux. As we have seen, Tim Berners-Lee and Linus Torvalds are the very best kind of role models for coolfarmers. Coolfarmers care about the idea first. If they do it right, financial rewards and other success will Table 1–2. Coolfarming the World Wide Web and Linux. World Wide Web Creator (innovate) Develop concept Evangelize COIN (collaborate) TIME Develop product Evangelize Linux Tim Berners-Lee creates WWW concept; introduces it at Hypertext ’91 conference Linus Torvalds writes 1st Linux kernel; sends e-mail invitation to Minix newsgroup Student group develops HTML/ HTTP; evangelizes through WWW Consortium Student group develops Linux kernel CLN (communicate) Early adopters set up web servers at uniDevelop trend versities/companies; promote at WWW Evangelize conferences Debian distribution developers/early adopters compile Linux at home/universities/companies CIN (communicate/share interest) Use/buy product SUSE/Red Hat started; end-users widely deploy Linux; Slashdot started Organizations widely deploy web servers; Netscape commercializes/makes Web usable for everybody 28 ❙ COOLFARMING come later on!

Just look at the bees. In a swarm of bees, if some of the honey collectors are hit by accidents, the swarm continues functioning flawlessly. Even if a really big crisis hits the swarm, it copes extremely well. Take, for example, the unexpected death of the queen. In this case bees will immediately and autonomously engage in succession planning. They will choose an ordinary larva and start feeding it royal jelly, which will turn it into a queen. They do this without central intervention; rather, they act by a self-organizing decision of the swarm.

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