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By Katherine Allred

Close Contact—the moment Alien Affairs event (following Close Encounters) from interesting newcomer Katherine Allred—is a successful combination of technology fiction and passionate love tale that might ship enthusiasts of Linnea Sinclair and Anne McCaffrey over the moon! This tremendous futuristic story of a celebration girl-turned-intergalactic undercover agent with impressive skills seamlessly combines unique destinations, never-before-seen alien species, diplomatic kinfolk, a lovely hero, and a romance that's virtually too solid to be true.

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They record every physical aspect of our lives so no two are alike, and if a person dies or the chip is removed, it self-destructs and therefore can’t be stolen. They can’t be replicated because there’s no way to make a fake chip match the real one. Our entire lives, including medical records, buying history, and available credits are on those tiny pieces of silicone. Only agents lack the chip, for security reasons. The Federation can’t have potential spies running around with their ID showing after all.

They were technophobes. The Bashalde were nomads, their society pastoral. They claimed the southern deserts on the largest land mass of Madrea, traveling from city to city, selling or trading the animals they bred, offering up their crafts and performing. Although they roamed separately in family groups, the Bashalde were one people, ruled by one man, Chief Lowden. In the Bashalde culture, he was the spirit and heart and law of the clan. Anyone not belonging to a Bashalde tribe was considered a Gadjee, or outsider.

Leaning back in my chair, I crossed my arms. ” “There are vids included in the information. ” A vid sprang to life in front of me. It was an open-air market, located on a well-trod, grassy field. Overhead, the sky was a deep blue with fluffy white clouds drifting by, and in the background loomed a massive mountain range. Some of the peaks were so high they were draped in a blanket of snow. Masses of people swirled through and around booths that held merchandise of every sort imaginable. Voices rang from every direction as the recorder moved through the crowd, some murmuring, others calling attention to their wares.

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