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Chapter 1 Progesterone Metabolism a assessment (pages 1–11): Eleanor H. Venning
Chapter 2 Chemistry and Estimation of Urinary Progesterone Metabolites and similar C21 Steroids (pages 12–22): William H. Pearlman
Chapter three at the importance of the Chemical Estimation of Compounds concerning Progesterone (pages 23–37): Henry S. Guterman
Chapter four The Quantitative choice of Urinary Pregnanediol (pages 38–44): Ian F. Sommerville
Chapter five The Chromatographic approach for the selection of Urinary Pregnanediol (pages 45–57): R. Borth
Chapter 6 Chemistry and Estimation of Urinary ?strogens (pages 58–71): Robert W. Bates
Chapter 7 The Extraction and, Purification of Urinary ?strogens (pages 72–83): W. S. Bauld
Chapter eight The Excretion and size of Urinary Phenolsteroids (pages 84–103): M. F. Jayle and O. Crepy
Chapter nine the appliance of Counter?Current Distribution to the Separation and Characterization of Urinary ?strogens (pages 104–116): Lewis L. Engel, Wilson R. Slaunwhite, Priscilla Carter, Polly C. Olmsted and Ira T. Nathanson
Chapter 10 Quantitative Fluorimetric decision of ?strogens (pages 112–117): Robert W. Bates
Chapter eleven Fluorimetric tools for the Estimation of ?strogen (pages 123–131): Lewis L. Engel, Wilson R. Slaunwhite, Priscilla Carter, Gladys Ekman, Polly C. Olmsted and Ira T. Nathanson
Chapter 12 Mechanism of the Kober response (pages 132–145): J. B. Brown
Chapter thirteen Bioassay of ?strogens (pages 146–149): Ralph I. Dorfman, Betty L. Rubin, Adeline S. Dorfhan and Lila Black
Chapter 14 The Metabolism of Radioactive Iodo??stradiol?17? and ?strone (pages 150–159): C. P. Leblond
Chapter 15 Androgens, 17?Ketosteroids and Corticoids in Urine (pages 160–170): Ralph I. Dorfman
Chapter sixteen organic and Chemical Estimation of Urinary Corticoids (pages 171–178): Eleanor H. Venning
Chapter 17 The Inadequacy of organic Differentiation of So?Called “Mineralo? and Carbohydrate Corticoids” (pages 179–185): F. Verzar
Chapter 18 a few Observations at the Formaldehydogenic Adrenocortical Steroids of Human Urine (pages 186–195): J. Y. F. Paterson
Chapter 19 being pregnant Tox?mia as a disorder of model (pages 196–207): A. M. Hain
Chapter 20 method of Steroid Isolation (pages 208–215): okay. Dobriner and S. Lieberman
Chapter 21 The Estimation of Progesterone in Blood (pages 216–223): C. J. O. R. Morris
Chapter 22 The Detection and Estimation of ???Unsaturated Ketones and Progesterone Metabolites in Placental Extracts and in being pregnant Bile (pages 224–230): William H. Pearlman
Chapter 23 Chairman's remaining comments (pages 231–234): S. J. Folley

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1948) (from Obstetrical and Gynecolo&m~ Sumey). 0002 pg. of the hormQnecan be detected. Progesterone can be readily detected and measured by highly sensitive physico-chemical methods. g. blood (Reynolds and Ginsburg, 1942; Haskins,, 1950). Inasmuch as this structural feature is shared by quite a few other compounds, such methods lack specificity and must be applied with caution. The methods under 'consideration involve ultraviolet spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and polarography. It is nevertheless possible to distinguish certain A 4-3-ketosteroids from other compounds possessing this structural feature by subjecting the material under examination to counter-current distribution, partition chromatography, etc.

A. (1948). Endocrinology. 42, 77. FRAPS, R. , HOOKER, C. , and FORBES, ‘1’. R. (1949). Science, 109. 493. GUTERMAN, H. S. (1946). J. A m + . med. , 131, 378. GUTERMAN,H. S. (1947). Proc. Third Amer. Congress Obstet. Gynec.. 332. GUTERMAN,H. S. (1950). Fed. , 9, 54. GUTERMAN,H. , KOFF, A. , and TULSKY, A. S. (1950). To he published. GUTERMAN,H. , and KRAUS, L. M. (1949). Fed. , 8, 64. GUTERMAN, H. , and TULSKY, A. S. (1949). A m . J . Obstet. G w e c . 58, 495. REFERENCES 35 HAIN,A. M. (1942). J.

Specimen. Other modifications introduced in the Astwood-Talbot procedure were designed to minimize loss during the removal of acidic and phenolic substances from the toluene extract and during the purification process; they will not be discussed in more detail. The accuracy of the finally adopted method (Sommerville, Gough and Marrian, 1948) was tested in a series of recovery experiments in which sodium pregnane-3a: 2Oa-diol glucuronidate, freed from ketonic glucuronides, was added in varying amounts to 24 hr.

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