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Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–2): M. Abercrombie
Chapter 2 mobile floor routine concerning mobile Locomotion (pages 3–26): Albert okay. Harris
Chapter three Fluidity of the Plasma Membrane and its Implications for telephone move (pages 27–52): S. De Petris and M. C. Raff
Chapter four floor pursuits, Microfilaments and phone Locomotion (pages 53–82): Norman okay. Wessells, Brian S. Spooner and Marilyn A. Luduena
Chapter five Fibrillar platforms in mobilephone Motility (pages 83–107): Robert D. Goldman, Germaine Berg, Anne Bushnell, Cheng?Ming Chang, Lois Dickerman, Nancy Hopkins, Mary Louise Miller, Robert Pollack and Eugenia Wang
Chapter 6 The position of Microfilaments and Microtubules in cellphone move, Endocytosis and Exocytosis (pages 109–148): A. C. Allison
Chapter 7 Microtubules in Intracellular Locomotion (pages 149–169): Keith R. Porter
Chapter eight mobile Adhesion and Locomotion (pages 171–194): A.S.G. Curtis and T.E.J. Buultjens
Chapter nine the expansion Cone in Neurite Extension (pages 195–209): Dennis Bray and Mary Bartlett Bunge
Chapter 10 Extension of Nerve Fibres, their Mutual interplay and path of progress in Tissue tradition (pages 211–232): Graham A. Dunn
Chapter eleven Modes of mobile Locomotion in vivo (pages 233–249): J. P. Trinkaus
Chapter 12 The keep watch over of Epithelial cellphone Locomotion in Tissue tradition (pages 251–270): C. A. Mlddleton
Chapter thirteen results of substances on Morphogenetic pursuits within the Sea Urchin (pages 271–285): T. Gustafson
Chapter 14 Time Lapse reviews at the Motility of Fibroblasts in Tissue tradition (pages 287–310): Mitchell Gail
Chapter 15 Interactions of standard and Neoplastic Fibroblasts with the Substratum (pages 311–331): Ju. M. Vasiliev and that i. M. Gelfand
Chapter sixteen mobilephone stream in Confluent Monolayers: A Re?Evaluation of the factors of ‘Contact Inhibition’ (pages 333–370): Malcolm S. Steinberg

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137, 523 26 DISCUSSION HARRIS, A. K. & DUNN,G. (1972) Centripetal transport of attached particles on both surfaces of moving fibroblasts. Exp. Cell Res. 73, 519-523 HULSMANN, N . & HABEREY, M. (1973) Phenomena of amoeboid movement. Behavior of the cell surface of Hyalodiscus simplex Wohlfarth-Bottermann. Acta Protozool. 12, 71-82 LENTZ,T. L. & TRINKAUS, J. P. (1967) A fine-structural study of cytodifferentiation during cleavage, blastula, and gastrula stages of Fundulus heteroclitus. J. Cell Biol.

1972). Exp. Cell Res. 70,413-447 TAYLOR, R. , DUFFUS, W. P. , RAFF,M. C. & DE PETRIS,S. (1971). Nat. New Biol. 233, 225-229 VITETTA, E. , BAUR,S. & UHR,J. (1971). J. Exp. M r d . 134,242-264 WILKINS,M. H. , BLAUROCK, A. E. & ENGELMANN, D. M. (1971). Nut. 230,72-76 WOLPERT, L. & GINGELL, D. (1968) in Aspects of Cell Motility (Miller, P . ), (Symp. Exp. Biol. no. 22), pp. 168-198, Cambridge University Press, London Discussion Allison: Dr de Petris has just confirmed what I said (p. 23); that attachment to either a substratum or a particle could provide cross-linking of membrane constituents, probably glycoproteins, which could move back differentially leaving the rest of the membrane in some kind of counter-flow.

3). When, rarely, thin microvillous projections (probably retrac- FLUIDITY OF THE PLASMA MEMBRANE 33 tion fibres) extend from the uropod, they are also covered by ferritin. Cap formation is normally accompanied by pinocytosis of the labelled membrane (and some unlabelled membrane). 4 pm diameter) lined with ferritin molecules accumulate around the Golgi area in the cytoplasm under the cap. There is, however, no strict correlation between the rate of cap formation and pinocytosis, although both increase with the temperature.

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