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Christians should support other Christians for positions on school boards and city councils in order to preserve their freedoms. Too many Christians today have left the playing field and have turned our society over to be ruled by secular citizens who are only too happy to run for political office and eradicate Jesus from public life. s well being. Now is not the time to lay down our spiritual arms and surrender to the very small percentage of Americans who are hostile toward Christianity and who want to eliminate Christmas and all things religious from our national life.

No court in America has ever ruled that either government officials or private citizens are constitutionally required to censor Christmas. Christmas, including its religious significance for a majority of Americans, has been a long-standing traditional American holiday. Those who want to take Christ out of Christmas want to return to the days before Christmas was universally celebrated as a traditional cultural and religious holiday in America. Those committed to an anti-Christian agenda want to return to a time when European pagans celebrated a winter solstice holiday instead of Christmas.

Some were not ready to fall on their knees. s birth and did everything in his power to find and destroy the young child. More than two thousand years ago wise men from the east came to Jerusalem looking for Jesus. Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.? (Matt. 2:2). Herod was not willing to lose his crown to anyone, so he demanded that the chief priests and scribes tell him where this new king would be born. When Herod learned about the prophecy of Jesus?

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