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Seventh-Century Popes and Martyrs: The Political Hagiography of Anastasius Bibliothecarius

This selection of Latin texts, released in a brand new variation with an English translation, attracts at the wealthy hagiographical corpus of Anastasius, papal diplomat, secretary and translator in overdue ninth-century Rome. The texts situation debatable figures: Pope Martin I (649-653), whose competition to the imperially-sponsored doctrines of monenergism and monothelitism observed him exiled to Cherson the place he died in 654, and Maximus the Confessor, an jap monk condemned to endure amputation and exile to Lazica for related purposes in 662.

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4 Our notion of photographs as “memory prompts” does not sit easily in a (post-)structuralist understanding of photographs, because this notion is based on the assumption that photographs are “windows on the world” (Burgin) that are simply further opened through the elicitation of details and stories about a past reality “captured” in the photograph. This chapter attempts to develop an approach that goes beyond the use of photographs as mnemonic devices and investigates the complex interaction between oral narrative and photograph.

The Technologizing of the Word (London: Routledge, 2003 [1982]), 7. 3. ” Raphael Samuel, Theatres of Memory: Past and Present in Contemporary Culture Vol. 1 (London: Verso, 1994), 343; the same point was made by participants in a 1979 workshop on family history and photography in the United States; see Joan R. Challinor, Jonathan Garlock, Judith Mara Gutman, Amy Kotkin, Catherine Hanf Noren, Amalie Rothschild, Jamil Simon, William Stapp, Elisabeth Weis, “Family Photo Interpretation,” Kin and Communities: Families in America, ed.

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