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By Lo Jung-pang, Bruce A. Elleman

"Lo Jung-pang (1912-81) used to be a popular professor of chinese language background on the college of California at Davis. In 1957 he accomplished a 600-page typed manuscript entitled China as a Sea energy, 1127-1368, yet he died with out arranging for the publication to be released. Bruce Elleman stumbled on the manuscript within the UC Davis records in 2004, and with the aid of Dr Lo's kinfolk ready an edited model of the manuscript for

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The ‘great wings’ are used as the heavy chariots of the land forces, the ‘little wings’ are used as the light chariots of the land forces. ”26 In another passage in the same book there is a description of the armaments of a warship in the “great wing” class: [This was] Wu Zixu’s method of naval warfare: A “great wing” was 16 feet in beam and 120 feet long. e. to paddle], [including] three men at the prow and at the stern, four men to wield long grappling hooks, spears and axes, and one officer.

1. There can be no denying that the Chinese have long known about boats. On oracle bones, for example, the character for boat (chou 舟) occurs as frequently as the pictogram for horse (ma 馬). 10 Sima Qian, Shi Ji (Tongwen, 1884 edition), ch. 32, p. 1. indd 25 2/13/2012 1:05:33 PM 26 China as a Sea Power Yüeh 越 in hilly Zhejiang, and Ch’u 楚 in the lake region of present-day Hubei and Hunan were enfeoffed as states. For a long time, Wu, Yue, and Chu were considered to be barbarian states. As they became sinicized they grew in strength and, for reasons of their geographical setting, they and the state of Qi developed into naval powers.

13–4. D. 41 that Emperor Guangwu, who restored the Han dynasty, sent a naval force to recover it. In the same year a revolt broke out in Annam under the leadership of two sisters, Tr’ung-trac 徵側 and Tr’ung-Nhi 徵貮. It soon became a nationalistic movement against the Chinese and, joined by thousands of native rebels, the two women leaders recovered northern Annam and even part of present-day Guangdong. ” Liu Lung 劉隆 was his Deputy and Tuan Chih 段志 was commander of the deck ships. At Ho-p’u 合浦 the port of embarkation on the present-day Leizhou Peninsula, Duan Zhi fell ill and died.

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