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By Jack L. Chalker

Robots have been infiltrating the Federation. a person was once kidnapping humans and substituting indetectable, man made imitations. someplace, extraterrestrial beings have been learning the Federation, utilizing suggestions past human advancements. the path led again to Cerberus and the Lord who governed that planet.

Cerberus, notwithstanding, was once one of many Warden Worlds - and people Worlds have been the untouchables of area. There an odd microscopic life-form invaded all topic, and someone so contaminated died on leaving these Worlds. males may perhaps move there, yet by no means return.

But the Federation had its personal strategies. They took a felony named Qwin Zhang and stripped her brain of all reminiscence and character. Then they poured into that vacant receptacle the entire brain of the Federation's most sensible operative. They exiled her to the legal global of Cerberus. The venture: locate the Lord who governed, kill him, and take over. Too undesirable there have been issues approximately Cerberus they could not be aware of!

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Assuming for a moment I believe all this, which I most definitely do not,” she responded, “where does that leave me? You just said yourself that none of your people can leave your worlds. And why a decorator, anyway? ” “Oh, we got those too, of course. But you’re right—we can’t leave, not yet. But our friends, they got some real nice technology, they do. You’ll see one of their robots in a minute. So human it’s scary. That waiter who got you was a robot, too. ” “Robots,” she scoffed. “They wouldn’t fool anybody very long.

Probably, I thought, they hadn’t done it this time because they’d had me on the table in four new bodies with four separate missions, and the transfer process to a new body was hard enough without trying to add anything afterward. Still, the omission put me in a deep pit. I sure hoped that the rest of that contact briefing recording hadn’t wiped when I’d gotten up. It would be all I had. Food came—a hot tray of tasteless muck with a thin plastic fork and knife that would dissolve into a sticky puddle in an hour or so, then dry up into a talclike powder.

Still, people were all physically beautiful, the men uniformly trim, lean, muscular, and handsome, the women exquisitely formed and stunning. Both sexes were generally of uniform height, about 180 centimeters give or take a few, and had a uniform bronzed skin tone. Previous racial and ethnic features merged into an average without extremes. Their family was the State, the all-powerful Confederacy that controlled some seven thousand six hundred and forty-two worlds over a third of the Milky Way Galaxy; the worlds themselves had been terraformed to conform as much as possible one to another.

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