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At 100% RH the dew point is reached and the air condenses, producing towering cumulonimbus clouds. These create unstable air, which causes thunderstorms and in some cases the conditions for a hurricane to form. Rain events can be short but intense. Frontal (cyclonic) rainfall Frontal rain occurs when two bodies of air (air masses) meet. This can happen at the polar front when warm air from the south meets with cold air from the north. At a front the air can become very unstable, because the warm and cold air cannot mix.

Frontal rain is often associated with the development of depressions. indd 47 Knowledge check 18 For each of the three main causes of precipitation, use an annotated diagram to help explain how they allow precipitation to develop. Examiner tip Make sure that you have a detailed understanding of how each of the causes of precipitation works. They are all based on air being forced to rise. 47 5/2/14 6:20 PM Content Guidance Summary The global energy balance is an open system with insolation, storage of heat and some heat lost back into space.

Knowledge check 15 Discuss how continentality might influence the pattern of temperature in an area. Examiner tip Make sure that you can describe and explain the way in which heat is transferred horizontally — making special reference to ocean currents. towards the poles, with less energy being spread over a much larger area. However, variations are obvious within this pattern as other, more localised factors have their influence: l Continentality: Areas that are much further inland experience bigger temperature ranges and extremes than areas on the coast.

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