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By Juliet Clutton-Brock

New glance! Relaunched with new jackets and eight pages of recent textual content! this is an exhilarating and informative advisor to the extreme global of cats, either wild and household. significant colour images of enormous and small cats, and the paintings and artifacts they've got encouraged, provide a distinct "eyewitness" view that covers the topic from enamel to claw. See a jaguar swimming, a cat which may outrun a automobile, a cat with a curly coat, a leopard that has misplaced its spots, the cat worshiped by way of the traditional Egyptians, a caracal's tufted ears, and a black panther stalking its prey. research why cats desire whiskers, how cats purr, how the Manx cat misplaced its tail, why a lick shape a pleasant lion may perhaps dermis you alive, why a lion has a mane, and why a tiger is striped. detect how cats converse, why cats play with prey, why cats devour grass, how and why a tomcat marks his territory, how cats locate their manner domestic, why the black cat has been either persecuted and pampered, why cats are stated to have 9 lives, and masses, even more.

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Forest felines M ost small cats live in woodlands, forests, or jungles. Forest cats, like all members of the family Felidae except the lion (pp. 28–29), are solitary hunters that kill smaller animals such as mice and lizards. They feed when they can, and will eat just about anything they are able to catch. Most are very striking in appearance, with powerful, lithe bodies, spotted or striped fur, and huge eyes to help them hunt at night (pp. 16–17). They are extremely shy and hard to see in their habitats, where they are well camouflaged.

HERCULES AND THE NEMEAN LION THE LION AND THE UNICORN During the Renaissance (the 15th and 16th centuries) the lion often appeared in paintings and architecture. In this French tapestry, the lion is shown to be at peace with the unicorn, symbol of purity. The tuft of hair at the knees makes the lion look stronger The still visible spots are left over from when the lioness was a cub The tuft at the end of the tail is an important communication signal 29 (c) 2011 Dorling Kindersley. All Rights Reserved.

11), the cheetah can be called a running cat because it has evolved to hunt fast-running animals, such as the gazelle, in open country. For this reason it is placed in a different group from all other cats and given a different Latin name, Acinonyx jubatus. The cheetah selects its prey by stalking in the usual way, but then, at very high speed, it will chase after the gazelle or antelope and kill it with a sharp bite to the neck. It will also eat hares and guinea fowl, and sometimes even ostriches.

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