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By Borden Dent, Jeff Torguson, Thomas Hodler

This introductory textbook introduces scholars to the differing kinds of map projections, map layout, and map creation. Cartography is mostly for a sophomore or junior point path for geography majors and plenty of professors are starting to introduce machine cartography in the course of the direction.

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Only class boundaries are shown on the map. This process reduces overall information but usually results in a map that is more meaningful. Simplification Selection and classification are examples of simplification, but simplification may take other forms as well. An example might be the smoothing of natural or man-made lines on the map to eliminate unnecessary detail. In the selection process, the cartographer may choose to include in the map’s base material a road classed as all-weather. Simplification would be the process in which its path is straightened between two points so that it no longer retains exact planimetric location (even though this might be possible at the given scale).

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