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Petion couldn’t deny what they had all seen, however, and the account in the journal had the ring of truth. Reluctantly, and with great distaste, he nodded. ’ ‘His name is Howard Phillips. ’ Petion raised his eyes to the cracked ceiling and sighed resignedly. ’ Chapter Seven Accompanied by a squad of his most trusted men – ones he knew he could beat in a fight – General Charles Oscar Etienne moved heavily through the swirling crowds of the fish market, in much the same way as an icebreaker passes through pack ice.

Eventually, after a few more twists and turns past storerooms and the like, they emerged into a wider chamber. The walls had been whitewashed rather than plastered or stuccoed, but they retained occasional unidentifiable stains. Despite the cloying smell of disinfectant, there was a faint hint of something sickly sweet in the air. Benny noted that this was attributable to the presence in the centre of the room of the body they had discovered earlier. A trolley containing instruments and other medical paraphernalia stood to one side while a tall white man in a stained coat and apron was feeling about somewhere in the gaping chest cavity with rubber-sheathed hands.

Haven’t seen many cat-wounds myself. ’ Phillips shook his head, as if trying to clear his mind. ‘As to this poor chap, it wasn’t any kind of claws.

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