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Very nice. You learn well. " Nicholas waited, unable to breathe as he heard Dominic move about the room. He could hear the soft whisper of clothing falling to the ground, the wet, squishing sound of lubricant being squirted into a hand, and then the sweetest of all, skin sliding against skin. Closing his eyes, he focused on finding the linking path between him and the Dom, wanting to see through the man’s own eyes what he was doing. He was rewarded by brief flashes as the connection tried to solidify, glimpses of a hand squeezing a cock-head, slowly lubricating.

The voice came from across the room where Nicholas had stood when he first entered. Sighing softly to himself, his cock aching for release, Nicholas started to recite almost by rote what he told all the potential submissives. As he reached the part about the virus that turned him into a vampire being slowly transmitted through repeated feedings, Dominic stopped him. 30 BLOOD SLAVE “So, if you stay with me, and I let you feed off of me, I might cross over too? ” Nicholas nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

Nicholas’ balls ached, his cock straining against the bonds holding back his orgasm, as his Master’s cock dragged across his prostate, massaging the gland. “Master,” he gasped, unable to fight the urge any longer. Dominic slammed into him, hard. Nicholas groaned, his need mounting. Already his knees were growing weak, and he could feel his body threaten to collapse. ” Nicholas instinctively responded to the steel in the mortal’s tone. He tightened his grip on the armrests, and swayed backwards into each of the mortal’s thrusts.

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