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It must be remembered, however, that even though very large amounts of wood may be produced annually in some countries, not all of this is actually available in practical terms for energy purposes. Disregarding ownership considerations for the moment, the fact that many forest areas are very remote tends to make the extraction of wood purely for energy purposes uneconomic. The economics of cutting forests for energy can be substantially improved, however, if it is combined with logging in a joint operation.

These wood resources can be divided between those which exist within the major forest areas and the smaller category of dispersed woodlands. Accurate estimates of total national Distribution relative to population centres, collection problems, and competition for other uses. Competition for other uses and seasonality of supply. Collection problems with free-ranging animals. Amount of forest and woodland remaining and the levels of sustainable wood production Amount of residues produced - a function of crop types, yield, and area of farmland.

The objective of this report is to draw together the many aspects of biomass energy development as they relate to the problems of the developing countries. (which range from This includes the technologies themselves very simple devices such as improved cooking stoves, to highly sophisticated options for the production of liquid fuels from various forms of biomass),the criteria for selecting technologies, 4 Biomass for Energy the problems involved in implementing biomass schemes (and possible ways around these), the social and economic effects of introducing new energy use methods, and the role of biomass energy development in overall development planning.

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