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By John Woodward

Beetles have the most important variety of recognized species of the other insect on this planet. From boll weevils to ladybugs, those tiny creatures are available in abundance in one's yard. Beetle provides an outline of the place and the way beetles dwell, reading their existence cycles, predators, and protection mechanisms.

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It uses them to feel its insect, when it does most of its way around and to pick up scents. feeding. A beetle grub is a larva. aphids: Small bugs such as greenfly that suck the sugary sap of plants. armored: Having a tough outer covering that protects the body. breed: To multiply by producing young. cannibal: An animal that eats other animals of the same species. carrion: Meat from dead animals. code: A secret language that is only understood by those who know how it works. dung: Animal poop, or excrement.

Poop-Eaters: Dung Beetles in the Food Chain. Mankato: Capstone Press, 2008. Find out about the dung beetleā€™s place in the food chain and how it helps the environment. Twist, Clint. Dung Beetles. Strongsville/New York: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2006. This book explores the amazing world of dung beetles. Walker, Sally. Fireflies. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 2001. Learn all about these fascinating creatures, and their ability to produce light. htm When you find a beetle in your backyard, use the photographs on this Web site to figure out what type of beetle it is.

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