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By Rachel Poliquin

With specified fish-like tails, chainsaw the teeth, a stinky musk, and extraordinary construction talents, beavers are not like the other creature on the earth. now not unusually, the extreme beaver has performed a desirable position in human historical past and has encouraged a wealthy cultural culture for millennia.

In Beaver, Rachel Poliquin explores 4 extraordinary beaver positive factors: beaver musk, beaver fur, beaver structure, and beaver ecology, tracing the lengthy evolutionary heritage of the 2 dwelling species and revealing them to be survivors in a position to withstanding ice a while, significant droughts, and all predators, other than one: people.

Widely sought for their fur, beavers have been a driver in the back of the colonization of North the US and stay, this day, Canada’s nationwide image. Poliquin examines depictions of beavers in Aesop’s Fables, American mythology, modern paintings, and environmental politics, and he or she explores the very fact and fictions of beaver chain gangs, beaver-flavored ice cream, and South America’s ever-growing beaver inhabitants. And certain, she even examines the heritage of the sexual euphemism. Poliquin delights within the unusual stories and unbelievable heritage of the beaver. Written in an available kind for a huge readership, this superbly illustrated e-book will entice an individual who enjoys long-forgotten animal lore and outstanding animal biology.

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