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By John Drogo Montagu

15 maps 18 conflict plans eight x 10 * the easiest single-volume reference booklet for classical battles * Brings jointly the bills of the traditional historians This entire reference booklet at the battles of the traditional global covers occasions from the 8th century BC right down to 31BC, while Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra on the conflict of Actium. the writer offers, in an exhilarating and bright sort and entire with conflict plans and maps, all the land and sea battles of the Greek and Roman worlds, in accordance with the bills by way of historians of the time. John Drogo Montagu's love of classical background was once fostered in early life by way of an inspiring instructor. After a occupation in drugs, Montagu back to the classical international and wrote this ebook.

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E p i t o m i z e d P o m p e i u s T r o g u s (below). T r a n s . J. Y a r d l e y , O x f o r d University Press (1994). L I V Y (Titus Livius): R o m a n h i s t o r i a n , b o r n a n d died in P a d u a . P r o b a b l y 5 9 B C - A D 17. W r o t e a history of R o m e in 142 b o o k s of which only 35 survive. T h e s u m m a r i e s ( ' e p i t o m e s ' or periochae) of all b u t t w o b o o k s h a v e survived. MACCABEES: A p o c r y p h a l b o o k s in the Old 34 T e s t a m e n t .

T h e n a m e s of the 192 A t h e n i a n s killed at M a r a t h o n were recorded tribe by tribe in stone. But this sort of evidence is hardly the rule. N u m b e r s are susceptible to all of the sources of e r r o r a n d distortion that influence the reliability of d a t a in general a n d which have been discussed in BACKGROUND the preceding section. In fact, they are considerably m o r e susceptible. A chronicler w h o desires f o r any reason to impress the reader is m o s t likely to inflate the e n e m y ' s n u m b e r s a n d losses a n d to minimize those of the ' h o m e t e a m ' .

Philip set great store on cavalry a n d developed this a r m to a pitch previously u n k n o w n , helped by a large supply of horses in his land. T h e cavalrymen, called the C o m p a n i o n s , were supplied by the M a c e d o n i a n aristocracy. They were usually led by Philip in p e r s o n a n d later by Alexander. In Alexa n d e r ' s day the Thessalian cavalry, reputedly the finest in the land, also followed him. A f t e r A l e x a n d e r ' s time the Hellenistic armies of the third a n d second centuries deteriorated in a n u m b e r of ways.

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