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By Jonathan Carroll

In Jonathan Carroll's surreal masterpiece, Bathing the Lion, 5 those who dwell within the comparable New England city fall asleep one evening and all percentage a similar hyper-realistic dream. a few of these humans recognize one another; a few don’t.

When they wake day after today them all recognize what has occurred. All 5 have been at one time “mechanics,” one of those cosmic repairman whose activity is to maintain order within the universe and freshen up the messes made either by means of sentient beings and the totally fearsome but inevitable Chaos that periodically rolls via, wreaking mayhem at any place it touches down—a type of infinitely robust, cruel twister. as the activity of a mechanic is grueling and laborious, after a undeniable interval them all are retired and despatched to diverse elements of the cosmos to reside out their days as "civilians." Their stories are cleaned and new identities are created for them that healthy the locations they visit stay out their normal lives to the tip.

For the 1st time all retired mechanics are being introduced again to accountability: Chaos has a brand new plan, and it's now not having a look stable for mankind...

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If you want to know what the essence of consciousness is, simply be conscious. If you want to know what the essence of the One is, simply be the One. ”’ Obviously, our everyday lives are far removed from this sort of unitive knowledge. ” His goal, then, is to help the reader form his or her consciousness into an empty receptacle for receiving (or becoming) wisdom. 'Ihis is much more a process of emptying the mind of erroneous conceptions than of filling the mind with accurate information. From this perspective, if we come to know only one thing, the nature of the One, we are wise; if nor, we are ignorant, no matter how many facts about how many separate things we may possess.

Plotinus continually emphasizes that there is a stark distinction between the everyday reality where almost all of us live now and the spiritual reality of higher domains of consciousness. To be genuinely converted, in his view, is to convert our attention from awareness of material thoughts and things to an inward, intuitive perception of spirit. Even the lowest reaches of the spiritual realm bear little resemblance to the physical universe, and when the soul attains to heaven, less will be familiar.

And how grateful we should be that Plotinus made such a great effort. Prelim inaries Have we said епоиф now, and can we be released? But the soul is still in the pangs of labor, even more now than before.. . For though the soulgoes over all truths, even those in which we participate, yet she still evades us i f someone wishes her to speak and think discursively. In orderfor discursive thought to say something, it must coiuider its objects successively, for such is the unfolding of thought. Yet what kind o f unfolding can there be, in the case ofsomething which is absolutely simple?

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