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During this fast reference, you'll locate every thing you must learn about the bash shell. even if you print it out or learn it at the reveal, this booklet can provide the solutions to the irritating questions that usually arise while you're writing shell scripts: What characters do you want to cite? How do you get variable substitution to just do what you will have? How do you employ arrays? It's additionally invaluable for
interactive use.

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Multiple commands must be quoted as a group and separated by semicolons internally. , trap "" signals), signals are ignored by the shell. If commands are omitted entirely, reset processing of specified signals to the default action. If commands is “-”, reset signals to their initial defaults. If both commands and signals are omitted, list current trap assignments. See the Examples here and in exec. Signals A list of signal names, numbers, and meanings were given earlier in the kill entry. The shell allows you to use either the signal number or the signal name (without the SIG prefix).

Examples trap "" INT trap INT 60 Chapter 1 – The Bash Shell Ignore interrupts (signal 2) Obey interrupts again Remove a $tmp file when the shell program exits, or if the user logs out, presses CTRL-C, or does a kill: trap "rm -f $tmp; exit" EXIT HUP INT TERM trap "rm -f $tmp; exit" 0 1 2 15 trap POSIX style Pre-POSIX Bourne shell style Print a “clean up” message when the shell program receives signals SIGHUP, SIGINT, or SIGTERM: trap ’echo Interrupt! ’ HUP INT TERM true true Built-in command that exits with a true return value.

When combined with -f, the new built-in command becomes a POSIX special built-in. esac esac Reserved word that ends a case statement. eval eval args Typically, eval is used in shell scripts, and args is a line of code that contains shell variables. eval forces variable expansion to happen first and then runs the resulting command. This “double-scanning” is useful any time shell variables contain input/output redirection symbols, aliases, or other shell variables. ] exec [-a name] [-cl] [command args ...

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