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By Carl Albing, JP Vossen, Cameron Newham

The major to learning any Unix procedure, particularly Linux and Mac OS X, is an intensive wisdom of shell scripting. Scripting is how to harness and customise the ability of any Unix procedure, and it is a vital ability for any Unix clients, together with method directors OS X builders. yet underneath this easy promise lies a treacherous ocean of diversifications in Unix instructions and standards.
bash Cookbook teaches shell scripting the way in which Unix masters perform the craft. It offers various recipes and tips for all degrees of shell programmers in order that somebody can develop into a informed consumer of the most typical Unix shell -- the bash shell -- and cygwin or different renowned Unix emulation applications. Packed jam-packed with beneficial scripts, besides examples that specify find out how to create higher scripts, this new cookbook provides execs and gear clients every little thing they should automate regimen initiatives and allow them to actually deal with their structures -- instead of have their structures deal with them.

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13 Throwing Output Away Problem Sometimes you don’t want to save the output into a file; in fact, sometimes you don’t even want to see it at all. Solution Redirect the output to /dev/null as shown in these examples: $ find / -name myfile -print 2> /dev/null or: $ noisy >/dev/null 2>&1 Discussion We could redirect the unwanted output into a file, then remove the file when we’re done. But there is an easier way. Unix and Linux systems have a special device that isn’t real hardware at all, just a bit bucket where we can dump unwanted data.

Useful options include: -a Do not hide files starting with . (dot) -F Show the type of file with one of these trailing type designators: /*@%=| -l Long listing -L Show information about the linked file, rather than the symbolic link itself -Q Quote names (GNU extension, not supported on all systems) -r Reverse sort order -R Recurse though subdirectories -S Sort by file size -1 Short format but only one file per line When using -F a slash (/) indicates a directory, an asterisk (*) means the file is executable, an at sign (@) indicates a symbolic link, a percent sign (%) shows a whiteout, an equal sign (=) is a socket, and a pipe or vertical bar (|) is a FIFO.

Would match any file beginning with a dot. * is expanded to include . , which are then both displayed. ), and the names and contents of any subdirectories in the current directory that start with a dot. This is very confusing, to say the least. *. * to. ]* also. ]* is a filename expansion pattern where [ ] denotes a list of characters to match, but the leading ! negates the list. So we are looking for a dot, followed by any character that is not a dot, followed by any number of any characters.

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