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By John G. Stockmyer

Lately procuring what was once stated to be a "haunted house," John Lyon, younger Kansas urban historian, stumbled into another fact accessed from the space for storing below his stairs. He was once in a position to make it domestic from the 1st journey to Bandworld unscathed.

His twentieth Century wisdom now buttressed through the magic he'd realized to exploit within the exchange global ... what may be flawed with taking one other journey to enchantment-land? not anything. . . in the event you do not count number John's come upon with the lxlop, being caged by means of Pfnaravin, and a perilous conflict with the Azare Mage-King Auro!

NOTE: this can be a full-length Novel (95,000 phrases)

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What he'd certainly never expected was the girl, Platinia, to be transported from the other world's Stil-de-grain to .... With a start, John realized his department chairman had asked him a question. About John's health. "I'm doing OK, Paul. Not sleeping too well. More from the strain of having so many preps than for any other reason. " "Teaching Western Civ's a bitch," growled the Hawaiian-shirted, big man. "So much to cover. C. " "You're right. The first semester's the dragon. " The chair groaned again as the chairman rotated it toward John.

With all the "deliberate speed" the Supreme Court musters when rendering decisions in favor of the poor, Fredericks began to sort papers, no doubt making John pay for being late by extending the time John had to hold the heavy generator. " "Actually, I got busy and didn't get around to it. " Finished with his "paper punishment," Fredericks stood to saunter back to take the machine, hoisting the generator to its place in a line of scientific equipment on a high shelf. "Funny thing about you being here last week," Fredericks said, shutting the storage cabinet door, locking it, jingling his keys into his pocket.

I am Leet," the Head soldier said, stepping forward, his body militarily erect. " Leet paused. "Stil-de-grain crumbles quickly before the attack of our heroic forces. " Heroic forces? Somehow, the word seemed to fit taller men. Malachites were strong of limb, of course. Made more powerful by entering this weakly pulling band of Stil-de-grain. Man for man, the Stil-de-grainer could never hope to defeat the soldiers of a powerful pulling band like Malachite! Unless .... Unless the Crystal-Mage, Pfnaravin, strengthened the Stil-de-grain forces.

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