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B. c. d. Cirrus Cumulonimbus Stratus Nimbostratus Atmospheric Mechanics of Winds, Clouds and Moisture, and Atmospheric Stability 2-27 CHAPTER TWO AVIATION WEATHER THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK 2-28 Atmospheric Mechanics of Winds, Clouds and Moisture, and Atmospheric Stability CHAPTER THREE Mechanics of Frontal Systems 300. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the student to various frontal systems, including their formation, flight conditions, and associated weather patterns, since most of the active weather is concentrated along fronts.

B. c. d. 4. Steep Low pressure Weak Shallow pressure gradient force Coriolis force centrifugal force force of friction Coriolis force directs air ___________, with respect to its initial direction of motion. a. b. c. d. vertically to the left horizontally to the right 5. According to Buys Ballot's law, if I have a head wind the area of lower pressure is________. a. b. c. d. to my right to my left straight ahead aft 6. The forces that determine the wind direction in the atmosphere are weakened at the Earth’s surface by the__________________.

15 in-Hg. A pilot sets the altimeter correctly at Randolph and flies to Vance at an indicated altitude of 5000 feet without changing the altimeter setting. 18. Assuming a standard lapse rate, what is the MSL/true altitude when flying over Vance at the assigned indicated altitude? a. b. c. d. 19. 4700 feet 5000 feet 5030 feet 5300 feet If Vance’s elevation is 1307 feet MSL, what is the AGL/absolute altitude over Vance? a. b. c. d. 3393 feet 3693 feet 3723 feet 3993 feet 20. If the pilot lands successfully at Vance (elevation 1307 feet MSL) without resetting the altimeter, what altitude will the altimeter indicate?

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