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By C. S. Zerefos, A. Ghazi (auth.), C. S. Zerefos, A. Ghazi (eds.)

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These two events provided us with opportunities to study the impact of voLcanic 502 on ozone observations, both surface based and sateLLite, as weLL as the impact of stratospheric aerosoLs on both Umkehr and BUV-type sateLLite observations. Measurements of the spread of the voLcanic aerosoL cLoud provide fresh insights into Long-range stratospheric transport processes. FinaLLy, the major minimum in totaL column ozone in 1983, which I understand is gLobaL in nature, shouLd form the subject of several studies over the next few years.

Because measurements of the trace constituents are so very important in diagnosing the vaLidity of the modeLs, we have scheduLed a fuLL day of oraL sessions, pLus a Large number of poster papers, on this subject. Some of these trace constituents are extremeLy difficuLt to measure. The first time one is measured, history is made. With the second measurement comes the quandary, because the two resuLts are virtuaLLy never the same. The questions foLLow is this reaL naturaL atmospheric variabiLity?

The paper by Mr Komhyr wiLL indicate how smaLL differences between Dobson instruments used in Umkehr observations can become with proper care and attention. In many respects, the atmosphere is our Laboratory. OccasionaLLy, it presents us with unique opportunities for the advancement of our science. There have been at Least two such opportunities since our Last quadrenniaL symposium. The first of these was the eruption of the E1 Chichon voLcano in ApriL of 1982, the second was the E1 Nino which occurred during the subsequent northern hemisphere winter.

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