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By Cathy Beylon

Twenty-nine illustrations of creatures in recreations in their normal habitats contain seahorses, a dolphin, fiddler and horseshoe crabs, seals, and different aquatic animals.

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If he cannot identify he will find it 16 Wing 8 (museum) 103 mm Bill 8 (museum) mm 14 Wing and bill lengths of Water Rail, male and female, in the field and as museum specimens 44 Watching Birds difficult to enjoy himself with birds. If he begins to watch birds straight off with the help of one of the more old-fashioned text-books, he may soon be in trouble, because he will be asked to look at birds from the standpoint of the museum taxonomist, and the museum man has his own special way of describing birds.

Dispersal is therefore very wide, and Gannets, which only breed in a handful of colonies in Britain spread out allover the Continental shelf, where the water is not too deep;in the winter. The direction of their spread may be north, west, east, or south; where the bird goes seems to depend largely on its individual inclinations. This is not quite true of young Gannets, which seem, during the three years before they can breed, to indulge in true north and south migration, reaching the coast of North-west Africa.

One step beyond this, and regarded by more and more birdwatchers as another tool of their trade, lies the portable tape recorder. Recording equipment-parabolic reflectors and all the other paraphernalia-is outside the scope of this book, but it is worth bearing in mind that a tape recorder can be used not only to record bird-song spectaculars, such as the Nightingale or dawn chorus, but also to draw birds towards you. Many birds (but some have shown themselves aloof to temptation so far) will come to investigate the source of a "broadcast" of a recording of their call or song~ften, like the Nightingale, coming right out into the open to pour forth a reply.

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