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By Ochiai Emiko

Winner of the 2014 selection impressive educational identify Award This booklet contains contributions from a distinct crew of foreign researchers who learn the ancient improvement of "new ladies" and "good spouse, clever mother," women's roles in socialist and transitional modernity and the transnational migration of either household and intercourse employees in addition to other halves.

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Phenomenon that Chinese are the most pro-gender equality for the over50 age group, but for below 40, they are the least (See Figs. 2; Iwai and Kubota, 2009). The current changes follow the changes in the discourses regarding China’s history. Since its initial praising of “women holding half the sky,” the liberation of women during the peak of socialism has come to be often seen as a discourse that hurts women by giving them a double burden. In other words, the idea now is that it is better to allow women to have the choice of becoming housewives.

The reason for this is that the standard of housework had risen compared to previous eras, and shirts and sheets needed ironing, every speck of dust needed to be swept from the room, and “homestyle meals” that were modelled on restaurants become the vogue. The standard contents of “housework” that have continued to this day were formed in the nineteenth century. However, when the twentieth century started, the living standard of the working class also rose, which meant there were fewer people willing to act as servants.

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