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By Robert Kraut

Artworld Metaphysics turns a serious eye upon features of the artworld, and articulates a few of the difficulties, rules, and norms implicit within the real practices of creative production, interpretation, evaluate, and commodification. Aesthetic thought is handled as descriptive and explanatory, instead of normative: a idea that pertains to artworld realities as a semantic conception pertains to the fragments of typical language it seeks to explain. Robert Kraut examines emotional expression, right interpretation and objectivity within the context of artworld perform, the relevance of jazz to aesthetic concept, and the objectives of ontology (artworld and otherwise). He additionally considers the relation among paintings and language, the confusions of postmodern relativism, and the relation among artistic/critical perform and aesthetic thought.

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Quine is often portrayed—in contrast to Sellars—as having lost touch with normative dimensions of language use. Here is Jay Rosenberg’s recent statement of the complaint: For Quine’s philosophical vision is, as it were, purely descriptive. His is a world of ‘is’s without ‘ought’s, and of regularities without rules. It is, one might say, a de facto world. And that makes it, in one clear sense, a world without us in it. For, as Sellars also rightly insisted, ‘‘it is no merely incidental feature of man that he has a conception of himself as man-in-the-world’’, and anything which can properly be called conceptual thinking can occur only within a framework of conceptual thinking within which it can be criticized, supported, refuted, in short, evaluated.

The correct reason for morally condemning certain acts is that those acts are immoral: the immorality of an act provides the justificatory ground for the behavior of condemning the act as immoral. ⁴ Saul A. 76. : MIT Press, 1990), 302. 30 Artworld Metaphysics But—Katz alleges—efforts to analyze normative concepts in terms of social behavior fail to accommodate this normative element; thus ‘‘purely descriptive’’ accounts don’t get at the normativity: [C]ondemnation of an immoral act is not in and of itself sufficient.

Reduction of a discourse demands that each projectible predicate within it be correlated with a nomologically coextensional predicate in the reducing discourse. Such correlations are unlikely,¹³ but externalist explanations do not purport to provide them: externalist explanations are not reductions. Emotivism provides no translational paraphrases or ‘‘meaning analyses’’ of normative discourse; Hume offers no definition of ‘A causes B’ in terms of regularities or purely extensional notions; ‘‘naturalistic’’ accounts of religious belief make no effort to provide meaning-preserving ¹¹ Thanks to Berit Brogaard for suggesting this example.

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