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By Karl Beckson, John M. Munro (eds.)

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I do not at all despise prose criticism in general or my own prose criticism in particular; but I wish my life's work to be, as far as possible, poetry. Prose I shall be obliged to do- for money; and I should in any case do it more or less- for pleasure. But there is a vast difference bdween seeming to the public a poet who also writes criticism and a critic who also writes poetry. I consider myself, and I wish to be considered, the former: if I bring out a volume of poems now soon, before I have made much of a name as a prose-writer, there will be some chance of my getting my wish: let the quality of the poetry quite alone, let the book be received as it may chance- that is no matter; I shall be able to show something for myself as poet.

Oliver Cromwell: The Man and His Mission (1882) by James Allanson Picton (1832-1910). 2. Herbert Spencer (1820--1903), philosopher and author, best known for his application of evolutionary principles to the social sciences. 3. A 'boarder' at Mr Jeffery's school in whom Osborne had taken an interest because of his extensive knowledge of science and whom he had taken on expeditions in search of fossils. Goss- a delicate, thin lad- was of Symons's age. 4. Symons reviewed the anonymous Bone et fidelis, 'a versified account of the life and labours of a deceased Wesleyan minister apparently by his son', in LQR, 60 (Apr.

See Symons's 'Christina Rossetti' in STL. 11. See Campbell's letter, 'The London Magazine', Athenaeum, 23 Apr. 1887, p. 546, 12. Walter Pater, 'The Child in the House', MM, 38 (1878) 313; rptd in Imaginary Portraits (1887). 13. George Meredith, Ballads and Poems of Tragic Life (1887). 14. Pater's letter, dated 19 Apr. [1887], is in the Department of Special Collections, University of Kansas. 15. See Symonds's letters to Symons, dated 5 Apr. 1886 and 26 June 1886, in The Letters of John Addington Symonds, 1885-1893, ed.

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