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By Stefan Alexandru

During this annotated severe variation of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda Stefan Alexandru explores and makes use of for the 1st time a number of formerly ignored textual assets, written in Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew. The 12th booklet of the Metaphysics, initially an self reliant treatise, is important for the knowledge of Aristotle’s philosophy, essentially as the doctrine of the Unmoved Mover is nowhere else set forth in larger detail.
Not in simple terms all of the forty-two previously identified Greek codices were collated, but in addition commentaries and translations. additionally, a hitherto undiscovered, self sustaining manuscript, representing a tenuous and especially beneficial department of the direct culture, is minutely investigated. The rfile in query, preserved within the Vatican, is an autograph of the Byzantine humanist and Ecumenical Patriarch Gennadios II Scholarios.

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23 and 35 regarding ἡ pr. 1059 a33 (ἡ alt in M fol. 173r, line 19) as well as πᾶν 1059 b 31 (πάντα in M fol. 174r, l. 20). 36 Cf. 1065 a 22 διανοίας Ab: τῆς διανοίας M C|| 1065 b 30 τὸ alt. Ab: om. C M|| 1065b34 οὖν Ab: γὰρ C M|| 1066 a 19 θεῖναι Ab: τιθέναι C M|| 1066 b 16 ἀέρος ἀὴρ µέρος Ab: ἀέρος µέρος ἀὴρ C M|| 1066 b 34 καὶ Ab: om. C M|| 1067 a 28 σῶµα αἰσθητὸν Ab: αἰσθητὸν σῶµα C M|| 1067b7 δὲ pr. Ab: µὲν C M|| 1068 a 11 τοῦ Ab: om. C M|| 1068 a 15 µεταβολῆς µεταβολή Ab: µεταβολή µεταβολῆς C M||1068 a 25 ἡ δ’ ὡδί, ἡ κίνησις Ab: αἱ δὲ ὡδὶ κινήσεις C M|| 1068b3 ἤδη Ab: εἰ δὴ C M||1068b4 τι Ab: om.

B Ib 1075b8 ὁ γὰρ νοῦς κινεῖ E : om. b Ib The latter exhibits separative errors, omitting for instance the second καὶ in 1072a32 (καὶ alt. is not missing in Ib). 9 Cf. D. Harlfinger, op. , 10. See Robert Devreesse, Catalogue des manuscrits grecs, vol. II: Le Fonds Coislin, Paris 1945, 145. 10 the affiliations of the hitherto known codices 31 Descendants of cod. Vat. 255 (V d) The cod. Vat. 255 (formerly 1069), which has been assigned to the fourteenth century,11 is the exemplar of Ja (cod. Vind.

Vind. Phil. 100, transmits αὐξήσεως at 1069b17, siding with Ab against M and C, which exhibit αὔξης. However, in line 38 on f. 185r one can see that this Vienna manuscript reads αὔξης in the Bekker-line 1069b17, not αὐξήσεως. J thus agrees with M and C against Ab, with which it is supposed to be closely related. In 1070 a 31 the words ἔστιν ὥς are not missing from J, since they were added in the left margin. According to G. ” 46 On horizontal transmission see Giorgio Pasquali, Storia della tradizione e critica del testo, 21952, repr.

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