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By Gerald E. Bergum, G.E. Bergum, Andreas N. Philippou, Alwyn F. Horadam

Greater Order Bernoulli Polynomials and Newton Polygons; A. Adelberg. The Fibonacci Shuffle Tree; P.G. Anderson. at the interval of Sequences Modulo a major enjoyable a moment Order Recurrence; S. Ando. Generalizations to massive Hexagons of the celebrity of David Theorem with admire to GCD; S. Ando, et al. Longest good fortune and Failure Runs and New Polynomials relating to the Fibonacci-Type Polynomials of Order ok; D.L. Antzoulakos, A.N. Philippou. A observe on a illustration Conjecture via Hoggatt; M. Bicknell-Johnson. a few feedback at the Distribution of Subsequences of moment Order Linear Recurrences; J.R. Burke. A Criterion for balance of Two-Term Recurrence Sequences Modulo atypical Primes; W. Carlip, et al. an issue of Diophantus and Pell Numbers; A. Dujella. at the extraordinary Set within the challenge of Diophantus and Davenport; A. Dujella. Substitutive Numeration structures and a Combinatorial challenge; J.-M. Dumont. A observe on Derived Linear habitual Sequences; M. Elia. Observations from machine Experiments on an Integer Equation; D.C. Fielder, C.O. Alford. a few Probabilistic points of the Zeckendorf Decomposition of Integers; P. Filipponi, H.T. Freitag. First by-product Sequences of prolonged Fibonacci and Lucas Polynomials; P. Filipponi, A.F. Horadam. components of Zeckendorf mathematics; H.T. Freitag, G.M. Phillips. Binomial Coefficients Generalized with appreciate to a Discrete Valuation; S. Frisch. The demise Fibonacci Tree; B. Gittenberger. Smallest critical Combinatorial field; H. Harborth, M. Moller. New points of Morgan-Voyce Polynomials; A.F. Horadam. turning out to be a Self-Similar Tree; Y. Horibe. Lacunary Sums of Binomial Coefficients; F.T. Howard, R. Witt. a few Reciprocal Summation Identities with purposes to the Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers; D. Jennings. A Relative Rank functionality on units of persevered Fractions Having Bounded Partial Quotients; C. Kimberling. On Sums of the Reciprocals of top Divisors of phrases of a Linear Recurrence; P. Kiss. A Fibonacci-Fractal: A Bicolored Self-Similar Multifractal; W. Lang. A Generalisation of Ratios of Fibonacci Numbers with software to Numerical Quadrature; T.N. Langtry. The Fibonacci Pyramid; T.G. Lavers. On a 3 Dimensional Approximation challenge; ok. Liptai. research of the Euclidean and similar Algorithms; C.T. lengthy, W.A. Webb. basic strategies of u2-5v2 = -4r2; C.T. lengthy, W.A. Webb. possible top assessments utilizing Lucas Sequences; W. extra. On a practical Equation linked to the Fibonacci Numbers; okay. Ozeki. Diophantine houses of Linear Recursive Sequences I; A. Petho. The Cantor-Fibonacci Distribution; H. Prodinger. at the Parity of definite Partition capabilities; N. Robbins. There are Infinitely Many Arithmetical Progressions shaped by means of 3 assorted Fibonacci Pseudoprimes; A. Rotkiewicz. On Mikolas' Summation formulation related to Farey Fractions; ok. Sato. moment Order Linear routine Sequences in Hypercomplex Numbers; okay. Scheicher. The Bell Differential Polynomials; R. Schimming, S.Z. Rida. On Lucas d-Pseudoprimes; L. Somer. uneven mobile department: Binomial Identities for Age research of Mortal Vs Immortal timber; C.P. Spears, M. Bicknell-Johnson. The Golden part and sleek concord arithmetic; A.P. Stakhov. Lucas components and a Fibonomial producing functionality; I. Strazdins. uncomplicated houses of Canonical quantity platforms in Quadratic Fields; J.M. Thuswaldner. 3 Examples of Triangular Arrays with optimum Discrepancy and Linear Recurrences; R.F. Tichy. A Multivariate Inverse Polya Distribution of Order okay coming up relating to Overlapping luck Runs; G.A. Tripsiannis, A.N. Philippou. advent to a Fibonacci Geometry; J.C. Turner, A.G. Shannon. Taylor Functionals and the answer of Linear distinction Equations; L. Verde-Star. Section-Invariant Numbers and Generalised Golden part Optimization Algorithms; A.A. Zhigljavsky, et al. topic Index

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Based on statistical analysis of such experimental data, Krumhansl proposed a conical structure for pitch relations [20]. The pitches of the major triad were located on a plane closest to the vertex, other diatonic pitches on a second plane, and the remaining pitches in the most distant plane. This conical structure does not contradict the Spiral Array arrangement. In fact, the planar version of the key spirals falls neatly out of the Multidimensional Scaling of the listeners’ probe tone profile ratings.

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A preplexity based cover song matching system for short length queries. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (2011) 51. : Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition. Indiana University Press, Bloomington (1971) Chapter 2 An Abbreviated Survey Abstract This chapter weaves together a backdrop of related work in music theory, cognitive science, and operations research that has inspired and influenced the design of the Spiral Array and its associated algorithms.

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