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By Roshdi Rashed

Mit dem funften Buch der Kegelschnitte erreicht die antike Mathematik einen Hohepunkt. Apollonius fuhrt darin die erste bekannte Theorie der Maxima- und Minima-Linien aus, die von den Mathematikern zu Beginn des 10. und vor allem des 17. Jahrhunderts wieder aufgegriffen wurde. Ebenso wie die folgenden beiden Bucher VI und VII ist dieses Buch, dessen griechische Original-Fassung verloren ist, nur in der arabischen Ubersetzung erhalten, die im nine. Jahrhundert in Bagdad erstellt wurde.
Der Leser findet in diesem Band eine im wahrsten Wortsinn kritische version des funften Buches der Kegelschnitte von Apollonius, eine strenge und wortgetreue Ubersetzung, sowie eine so vielseitige und ausfuhrliche historische und mathematische Kommentierung, wie sie die Erschlieung eines solch gewichtigen Zeugnisses erfordert.

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They brought to light four chronological phases and thick occupation levels. building, allegedly a palace. The second period appears to have been a short one, after which the site was abandoned and remained deserted until the early tenth century. The third level belongs to the PG occupation of this site. C. major phase concerns a settlement of the Geometric period. 81 Whether the inhabitants could actually use the old fortification system is not "totally clear", however, it is believed. "that at this time most of the walls lay in semi-ruined condition and the strong wall at the south edge of the plateau was reduced to more than half of its original height; the surviving portion might haYe still been used by the settlers with· further reinforcement.

VIina c. e. to the south of Italy and to Sicily, which started ,, about the same time. C.. settle~ dated to These events convey the peculiar impression of belonging to some kind of conscious design, almost like logical sequences. g. for the venturer, when equipped with a writing system and a definition of the gods and their specific powers, as well as with a concept of standards. (of Homeric heroes), a voyage across the Ionian Sea ,into the far West somehow becomes feasible. e. a movement of small or large groups of people - aristocrats and their followers - into.

40 In this connection it . could also be helpful to consider that the efforts of the craftsmen during the eighth century and the· first contact with the East were not a matter of an "immature art being overwhelmed by the sophistication "of the East, but of an already strong artistic tr~-~ deriving new "life and • inspiration from the forms and subjects of arts which. the alphabet: the initial impetus came from outside, the finished product 1s genuinely Greek. 26 In this connection it should be worthwhile to consider also the craftsman, who carried out the "order".

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