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Lovely photos mix with full of life illustrations with enticing, age-appropriate tales in DK Readers a multilevel interpreting application certain to trap kid's curiosity whereas constructing their interpreting talents and normal wisdom. With DK Readers, young children will discover ways to read—and learn to profit! March, construct, swarm! research all concerning the really good global of ants and their advanced colonies!

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We are carpenter ants and we make nests for our queen in moist wood. Her eggs need moisture so that they don’t dry out. Most of us live outside in rotting trees, roots, and logs. 30 Nest sites Indoors, the nests of carpenter ants can be found in damp or hollow places, such as around sinks, showers, and dishwashers, under roofs, and in doors and walls. Ok, we’re guilty! We do venture indoors and can do terrible damage to your homes and other buildings. Also as our colony grows, we make other nests for just the workers and larvae in other wooden boards or beams.

Although they are much smaller than we are, they can overwhelm us with their great numbers. But we don’t give up easily. Even if our bodies are split in half, our heads continue to bite and our tails lash out to sting. Like all ants, we fight for the survival of our colony, fearlessly facing death. ❖ 46 47 Glossary Allergic reaction A very sensitive body reaction when something is eaten, touched, breathed in, or injected. Antennae Moveable parts on an insect’s head that pick up senses. Bivouac An army ants’ nest created by linking together their own bodies.

We then work on sticking the edges of the leaf together, using the silk. Our nests can be very large, as we then begin connecting another leaf and then another. Sometimes our nests connect branches from two trees. Impressed? 39 We don’t damage the tree. In fact, we protect it since we stop other animals from coming to live in the tree or eating parts of it. We have many enemies that try to trick us, though. Some caterpillars produce sweet liquid called honeydew, which we love to eat. While we are distracted eating the honeydew, they crawl into the nest to eat our larvae.

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