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By Barrington J. Bayley

From the Garlowe Clusters within the north to the Veils of Darkness within the south, the megastar state sprawled over approximately a 5th of the galaxy. So large used to be this realm that those that tussled for strength over it appeared not able to understand that it confronted annihilation by means of the Patch, a roving quarter of surprising pseudo-energy a light-year throughout which tired the life-force from any residing factor it encountered.

The Patch had moved into the dominion and was once systematically feeding on method after method. Cynically unperturbed by way of the appalling demise, the royal homes in simple terms attempted to contain the Patch of their machinations, to the level that civil struggle broke out yet again. yet within the occasion, the Patch used to be to supply the an important consider the fight for absolute energy. The Annihilation Factor!

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A few people were peeping out of the alcoves now, cowed and apprehensive. Jundrak flipped back his faceplate and inspected the cavern more closely. The air had the cloying, unpleasant smell of long human habitation. The floor was an untidy maze of couches, beds, chairs, tables and other furniture in a broken down state— all of it no doubt fixed to the floor in some way, since otherwise the slightest knock would send it bounding away in the low gravity. Neither was the furniture confined to the floor.

Maxim half turned away, then froze in a disturbingly stark posture, hand raised with fingers outstretched oddly. He shot a sidelong glance at Jundrak. His thin lips were puckered in a smile of amusement, his purple hazel eyes smoldering. ” he said softly. Then the moment of calm was gone and his ferocity was back. ” he bellowed, sweeping out his arm to herd the gathering like cattle. ” Taking Queen Galatea by the arm he moved on to the dance floor, followed by scores of other couples. They all took up the “courteous” preliminary position.

Dagele handed him back his knife and helped him to put it away. “Go, now,” Krakhno said quietly. The agent looked at him despairingly, pleadingly, then, when he saw the stony expression on the anarchist’s face, he turned away and left. At no time had Krakhno mentioned to him the fact of his being an agent. The man now would perhaps wander round the Old Town for a while; perhaps he would go through the motions of returning to his cover role, in a factory or office; perhaps he would even return to the Inner City, but he would not give his superiors any useful account of what he had found.

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