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By Infinity Insurance, Wendy Abarca

The project of learn Conmigo is to counterpoint the leraning setting of youngsters via offering mom and dad with instruments & assets to enhance their familes' examining habts & to foster a lifelong love of interpreting. Fifteen animals are featured with an easy bilingual English & Spanish textual content.

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An amino acid, H,NC( :NH)NH(CH,),CH(NH,)COOH, one of the 20 common "amino acids occurring in proteins. Arginine is an intermediate in the ·urea cycle. arousal. A certain level of responsivenss in an animal resulting from the activation of the brain by nerve impulses transmitted from the ·reticular activating system to the higher centres. g. attack, flight (behavioural arousal), is Arthropoda. The largest phylum in the animal kingdom. Arthropods are bilaterally symmetrical segmented invertebrates with' a characteristic tough chitinous exoskeleton, which , necessitates growth by •ecdysis.

Basic stains. See staining. basidiocarp. A fruiting body of the higher basidiomycete fungi. Basidiocarps are the most obvious manifestations of these fungi and include mushrooms , toadstools, and similar bodies. In some basidiocarps the hymenium is exposed from the beginn ing; other basidiocarps are closed at first with the hymenium becoming exposed at maturity; some remain closed so that the spores are released when the peridium tots or is broken. Basidiomycetes Basidiomycetes. A group of mycelial fungi (Eumycophyta) whose sexual reproduction results in the formation of basidia, which (except in the ·rusts and ·smuts) are borne on basidiocarps (see basidium).

Biosphere. The part of the earth and the atmosphere that is inhabited by living organisms. biosynthesis. The synthesis of biological molecules by a cell (see anabolism). g. NADPH , produced during catabolism. biosystematics. The branch of ·systematics that deals with the variation and evolution of a taxon, often using experimental methods. See also taxonomy. biotechnology. The industrial use of biological processes. Classical examples are the use of fermenting yeasts to produce beer, wine, and industrial alcohol, Lactobacillus species in yoghurt production, and such microorganisms as Penicillium and Streptomyces to produce antibiotics.

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