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4. Imago, FIG. 5. 4 3 Adheres Percarum. Larva, FIG. 3. Pupa, 26 FUNCTIONS AND INSTINCTS. with organs that fit it for a more extended range. Sometimes from being purely aquatic, it becomes a denizen of the earth and the air—or of earth, air, and water at once—and, with this change of character and organs, its Creator wills it to undertake a new charge in the general arrangement of functions and duties. It will be recollected that a very considerable portion of the food of the higher creatures, especially the birds, is derived from animals that undergo a metamorphosis ; and, that the majority of these in their first state, are more bulky, and contain more nutritive substance than they do when arrived at their last, and, therefore, even in this view, circumstances important to the general welfare may arise from this disposition, and variety of food may also be produced, and more enjoyment to the various animals who are destined to live by the myriad forms of the insect world.

2 Perect jluviatilis and P. lucioperca. 4 PLATE IX. FIG. 5. d. 32 FUNCTIONS AND INSTINCTS. it entire, we see how necessary it was that our parasite should be thus fitted to fix itself firmly, and root itself, as it were, that it may be enabled to withstand the pressure and violent action of the bodies that pass over it, for the palate and tongue of a Perch must be a perilous station. This purpose seems further aided by a quantity of saliva, usually formed around it. These pests of the perch are themselves subject to the incursions and annoyance of animals still more minute than themselves.

Argulus. ~ Nicothoe. VOL. I. p. 320. 4 H(i FUNCTIONS AND INSTINCTS. were, rays in different directions, and leading to various forms, requires very deep and minute investigation, and abundant proof, before it will be safe to adopt it as a principle. CHAPTER XV. Crustacean Condylopes. W E are now arrived at a Class of animals, in which the organs of locomotion assume a new and more perfect form, corresponding in some measure with those of many of the vertebrated animals. The advance, in structure, hitherto, from a mouth surrounded by organs like rays, serving various distinct purposes, and by different means contributing to the nutrition, respiration, and motions of the animal, has been, by certain inarticulate organs, more generally distributed over the body, but still in a radiating order; as for instance, the tentacular suckers of the Stelleridans and Echinidans, which they use in their locomotions, and for prehension, as well as the purposes just named.

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