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By Sam Schultz

A set of jokes and riddles approximately all types of animals.

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II. Series.

Jack: I got a cow for my birthday. Jane: Does it give milk? Jack: No, I have to take it from her. Joey: My dog Ossie is sick, so we’re taking him to an animal doctor. Moey: Gee, I thought all doctors were people! 30 Q: What did the woman say when her dog ran away? A: Doggone-it! Pet Store Owner: Yes, I have a singing cat and mouse for sale. Buyer: Do they really sing? Pet Store Owner: Well, to tell you the truth, the cat is a ventriloquist! Q: What does a rabbit use to comb its fur? A: A harebrush.

Cm. — (Make me laugh) Summary: A collection of jokes and riddles about all kinds of animals. eISBN: 1–57505–686–0 1. Animals—Juvenile humor. [1. Animals—Humor. 2. Jokes. 3. ] I. Title. II. Series.

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