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83-84). 77-78). When an Athenian was asked of his place of birth, he proudly answered: 'From where the fine triremes come' (Aristophanes Birds 108). It seems that the superior quality of Athenian ships was well worth boasting about. The stern of Olympias. Instead of a rudder hinged on the stern-post, triremes used two steering-oars, one on each side of the stern. Each was attached to a tiller (oiax), the ends of which were close together so that the helmsman could work both at once. (Author's collection) Expenditure Apart from the cost of building warships, their crews had to be paid.

460-400 BC) An Athenian, Thucydides wrote an unfinished account of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), the monumental conflict fought between Athens and Sparta and their respective allies. He served as a general in 424 BC and was subsequently exiled at the end of that year following an unlucky expedition in northern Greece against the very able Spartan commander Brasidas. During his exile in Thrace, where his family had connections and property, he compiled his history of the war. His exile, he claims, gave him opportunities for appreciating the point of view of each of the combatants.

The Athenians naturally could not man all their ships at any one time - apart from the cost, 300 triremes would have required 60,000 able-bodied seamen. But the existence of this huge number of seaworthy hulls gave them a substantial reserve. 3). 34 When Athena ruled the waves As there were limits to what could be achieved with sea power, the trireme was essentially designed for battle. The development of the diekplous and the periplous tactics during the 5th century BC made the Athenian trireme an object of dread.

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